BarePunting Rules

Purpose of the site
This website is primarily for the discussion of bareback (no condoms) sex between consenting adults. A large part of this revolves around the discussion of escorts who provide this service with the aim of helping people in the pursuit of this activity. This site is completely independent of anyone providing a service. The site owner runs this website at a loss and will not accept any donations for the site's upkeep.

Service providers
Anyone who provides any form of sexual service is welcome to post here and take part in any discussion. We here welcome you with open arms and wish for you to feel included in the community.

We allow reviews to be posted on this site. Please try to follow our basic recommended review guide with regard to website addresses (URLs) - this is to help other site users find your post. Try to keep reviews respectful even if the service was poor. If your review contains acts of violence then it may be censored or deleted.

Please respect the site admin. This site is run at a loss with no donations towards its upkeep. The site admin prefers a more hands off approach to content administration and would prefer not to step in to discussions.

Gender / Race / Nationality
All genders, races and nationalities are free to join this forum and we welcome you. Racism will not be tolerated.

Off Topic
At the moment all topics are free to be discussed here. This policy may be reviewed at a later date if it is deemed detrimental to the forum community.

Multiple accounts
Multiple accounts will be removed. If you're having trouble with your account then please contact the admin.

Privacy of users and service providers
Please respect the privacy of users and any service provider. Do not post information that would link a person to their 'Real world' persona. Remember that society in general looks down on people who both use and provide sexual services.

Phone Numbers
Phone numbers must not be posted in the public forum.

Please keep all discussion civil. Abusive or threatening behaviour is not tolerated. Swearing is permitted but that does not mean you have carte blanche to go using it against other members.

Censoring of info
We won't be censoring any information posted unless it contravenes a site rule. If you don't agree with another poster's view point then your welcome to state that but the post will not be removed unless it breaks the site rules.

Non Bareback escorts
Some escorts will provide bareback services under the radar, while it maybe nice to share contact information for these people it has been decided that these links will be removed. Some escorts only provide this service as a one off or just like to keep quiet, listing them openly on this forum may cause issues.

Unsubstantiated allegations
Please keep these off the forum. We prefer facts to opinions. It will be up to admin's discretion as to what is censored or deleted. With regard to allegations of STIs, these are hard to substantiate and can have a very damaging affect to users and service providers. We do not condone the act of passing of any STIs, and anyone that promotes this practice is liable to find their post censored/deleted and may even be banned from the forum.

STD Discussion
Discussion is permitted on a health angle but any discussion that promotes the passing of STIs will be censored / deleted and the user may find themselves banned.

Minimum age
Minimum age is 18 for all forum users.

Allegations of under-aged / trafficked / forced sex workers
Contact the law enforcement authorities for the area that this has taken place. Any discussion that promotes this will result in the user being banned. All service providers must be 18+.

Adult content is permitted to be posted as long as the person/s in the images are 18+ and not illegal in the UK.