Covid and punting

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Re: Covid and punting

Post by lordarunotai » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:58 pm

Rascal wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:59 pm
lordarunotai wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:03 pm
Unfortunately people following such courses as yourself will only end up ensuring that restrictions will be ramped up even further, then everyone has to suffer yet again because of the selfish and thoughtless in society.
I am sure that the majority of punters on UKP and the girls who use SAAFE would think the majority of us on this site are selfish and thoughtless, maybe you should take a look at what they write about us.

How many of you punters agreeing with this are married or have a steady girlfriend and is it ok to put your wife at risk of contracting HIV and dying through your selfish thoughtfulness? Just because YOU wanted to go and shag some girl you fancied.

How many of you abstain from punting between visiting girls and have a HIV test done before your next punt?

Not many I bet and what if you did catch HIV and then spread it to other girls? And then, unbeknown to you, poor old Oxford Flyboy, in his senior years popped one in after you had infected her and he died before hitting his target, would you care?

NO, you are all selfish individuals who would only be concerned for yourself and how to explain to the wife you had just signed her death certificate.

To be honest if any of you had an ounce of decency you would not be on here bragging about your disgusting exploits of bareback sex with multiple partners and you would not be doing it.

But we are here and your moral compass is different to mine, some of you like to take it up the arse, some like to fuck arse, not for me thanks,I have no interest but that is far riskier than fucking pussy, but people still do it.

I guess the reason for this is simple frustration of being in lock down and not getting a shag along with jealousy of those that are brave enough or stupid enough to take the risk that you would not.

Now settle down and go have a wank....
Clearly you are a fool of the highest order. How people live their life and what ever they previously got up to is in the past, and absolutely irrelevant to the current problems we are all being affected by. We are currently in the middle of an unprecedented worldwide crisis.
The fact that in the past we have all chose to expose ourselves to the potential of or have caught an STD has absolutely no bearing at all on the thousands of people that are currently seriously ill or have died from a new strain of corona virus.
Prostitutes that choose to work bareback and punters that have previously chosen to take the associated risks for their pleasure did not and never will have the potential to infect and kill countless other people unwittingly as is currently happening with Covid19.
I most certainly am not frustrated, and am certainly not jealous of those that choose to still go punting, but neither am I stupid, inconsiderate towards others or selfish.
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Re: Covid and punting

Post by Rascal » Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:51 pm

lordarunotai wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:58 pm
.... neither am I stupid, inconsiderate towards others or selfish.
Ohh but you are selfish and you have been over many years as have all of us.

HIV would have been a world crisis if it was not for the sensible people that choose to use a condom and still could be if it was not for those same sensible people. But you, myself and others on this forum have all gone against the sensible thing to do, we have risked our lives and the lives of others. We have risked spreading a lethal virus that could kill others.

How do you plead sir? Not guilty? How so?

There is no justification for what you have done or what you will do in the future, you are ignorant of your own stupidity.

It is a risk you have chosen to take and once this crisis is over a risk you will probably continue to take, even though many others will not.
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